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→ Writing Competition: Stringybark Short Stories (june 10, deadline)

The Stringybark Seven Deadly Sins Short Fiction Award 2012 is awarded for a short story that relates to one (or more) of the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony; greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride/vanity.

→ Writing Competition: Glimmer Train (May 31, 2012 deadline)

We are interested in reading your original, unpublished stories!

→ Writing Competition: Writer's Forum (May 31, 2012 deadline)

All types of story are welcome, be it crime, comedy, romance, thriller, literary, twist in the tail, horror, SF etc

→ Writing Competition: Frome Festival (May 31, 2012 deadline)

It doesn’t say what they are looking for so i guess its anything

→ DFTBA Short Story Contest!


What is this?

This is the DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) short story contest. It’s being run out of the Nerdfighter community, a group that started with Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers and now is made up of over 200,000 people worldwide.

What’s it about?

The stories all have to be on the subject of “An Act of Charity”

What’s it for?

It’s for charity. We’re donating money to the “Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck” a fund that is set up every year around the time of the “Project for Awesome”. In this project, Nerdfighters come together to make YouTube videos about charities and charitable projects . These videos all have the same thumbnail, and swamp YouTube’s most commented/liked listings. The community then votes on the best videos, and the top five charities in those videos get equal portions of the total money donated to the “Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck”.

How does it work?

You buy a ticket from for $6.12 (using paypal), send it and your story (of between 1000-3500 words) to


Where? is the contest’s base of operations.


The deadline is 2nd October 2012 

I have more questions!

Go to for more information!

→ Writing Competition : Abandonedtowers (May 18th 2012 deadline)

The theme for the first Abandoned Towers writing contest is:

The concept of “abandoned towers” must be incorporated into the piece, as a phrase, allusion, metaphor, physical tower… however you choose.